Holistic Mountain Chimney Rock Lessons
Chimney Rock - Lesson One

I am Michelle Many, a Chippewa Indian from the Turtle Mountain Clan. I
have been researching various Native American sites. I began visiting
Chimney Rock in Southern Colorado a few years ago and return quite
regularly to visit with the big rock. On one of my visits, I visited Chimney
Rock from a nearby forest and took a few pictures of the Cosmic
Telephone. I visited the rock in 2007 and had taken the tour with a
wonderful and friendly ranger.

Chimney Rock is an ancient temple that was designed by ancient people
much as the pyramids of Egypt were. The tour showed me some interesting
things about the rock and its ruins. 300 kiva's lining the ridge on the way up
to the main kiva that was entered after passing a "guard shack" as the ranger
called it or perhaps it was a final smudging station before entering the great
kiva at the top of the hill. The architecture utilized cornerstone technology
that was not usually known to the kind of ancient stone age people that the
ranger was describing.

300 ceremonials kiva's for different clans who gathered at the rock for their
star ceremonies were not homes as the ranger described them, as they were
no bodies found there according to an answer that was given by the ranger
to one of my pertinent questions.

I could feel the ancestors dancing beside me as I walked up the path and
passed the final gate and went into the Great Kiva. I saw star dances and
night rituals to the planets and the moon. I saw that all roads led to Chimney
Rock the way all roads lead to Chaco and Fajada Butte, another ancient
temple. I saw that these two places were ancient star gates and were part of
our connection as Earth beings to other planets and star beings

I thanked the ranger for being a caretaker of such an important site and told
him that his respect for the place was appreciated by all. He took us back
to the ranger station and put me on the phone with a marvelously intelligent
and tuned in ranger named Victoria  White.

Victoria and I talked for nearly an hour. She was wonderful and answered all
of my questions. She told me that they knew more than they were telling the
tourists, mostly because the local Native tribes had them asked to keep
certain things quiet. I respected that and we shared some secrets. It seemed
that she was an angel sent to protect the star gate.

When I visited the rock this time, I sat with the rock and asked all of the
questions that had been on my mind since my visit last year. As I sat a
distance away and could view the whole feature at once, I was given visions
of this great ancient temple as it was before it became an inactive ruin.  

I recently saw some odd shaped, cylindrical crystals that had a bubbled
surface at a crystal booth. The girl who owned the crystals said these were
newly emerging crystals much as the Lemurian quartz crystals are.

Chimney Rock is a galactic star gate, a major Earth temple that needs to be
reactivated so that we can regain ancient knowledge that has been lost and
once again communicate with the other worlds in our galaxies and universe.

Here is a picture that I took of Chimney Rock in September 2007. The
sphinx is quite obvious here. I also saw that the head of the sphinx is the
head of an Indian who is the ancient of days. His body is encased in the
pyramidal mountain that supports the rock. I saw the rock in back as the
actual star gate transceiver. These ancient temples around the Earth hold
the key to our transition to the new world as the old world collapses with
the climactic changes that are occurring  as Mother Earth cleanses herself
and the stars and the Earth realign to form new patterns that affect this
little blue body that orbits our Sun.

It is a big universe and many galaxies reside within it, certainly there is life
out there and they are probably watching our channel once in a while.

This is a note to open your hearts and minds to the possibilities that may
exist outside of our normal parameters. To open to the knowledge that in
your heart resides the frequency of love and that is the frequency of
evolution for the beings of the Earth no matter which tribe they are from.

With love from the star maidens...................

"Ask an angel what she has and she will say, "enough". Ask an angel what she
needs and she will say, "nothing". Ask an angel what she knows and she will
say, "only love."