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"The Planetary Meditations"
Three CD and Book Set
have been released as of
April 2007
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The Planetary Meditations
The Book Cover for
"The Planetary Meditations"
By Michelle Many
Reviews for
The Planetary Meditations
Michelle Many's Planetary Meditations
offer a journey through the solar system
and the planetary influences that will
indeed shift the consciousness. The
images possess a vividness that captures
one's mind and lead one on a journey
that changes perceptions in a delightfully
subtle manner. Consider it the
"Music of the Spheres" for the mind.

Philip Sedgwick
Author of  "The Sun at the Center"
Tuscon, Ariz

Michelle Many's voice is beautiful,
melodic, soothing and inspiring.
"The Planetary Meditations" are a
wonderful way to find a
connection to the planets.
Her loving voice along with the
soothing music brings our minds
into alignment with the
"Music of the Spheres"
This is a gorgeous work
and one which will provide
inspiration and healing
to all who partake of it.
Well done and simply delicious,
Michelle! I love it!

Lynda Hill
Author of,  "360 Degrees of Wisdom:
Charting Your Destiny
with the Sabian Oracle
published by Penguin, NY
Vacation on Mercury
and meet the
High Priestess as you
travel through the
cosmos guided by
Michelle's soothing voice
and let yourself heal
by listening to
"The Planetary Meditations"
This is an actual graphic
from the book. The High
Priestess herself was drawn
by Toni Taylor
Click on above player to hear Saturn - The Golden Age
Saturn heals by
restructuring. It helps to
release lower back and
knee pain. It helps to
brings all one's systems
back to balance. It helps
to release arthritis out of
the body. It helps to
strengthen the bones and
loosen tight muscles. It
helps to release
father issues out of the
emotional field.
Saturn was Jupiter's
father and he is the big
daddy of the solar
system. He will help to
restructure your finances
and put money in your
wallet just like a daddy.
We all need Saturn now
so for a limited time you
can listen to Saturn for
free simply by pushing
play on the player box
above. Enjoy!