Holistic Mountain Native American Spirituality
No Place Like Om
This is an actual graphic from
the book, for the Earth
meditation. Travel with
Michelle in your mind, up the
red sandy river along the tall
sandstone mesas and let the
healing begin.
Now leaving for Saturn, all
aboard the Planetary Express
for an amazing adventure to
the worlds beyond. Come and
experience what can be
achieved through the power
and the stability and structure
found in the timeless strengths
of nature via, "The Planetary
Holistic Mountain and Michelle Many offer both
personal and group sessions in healing, in the
Native American way. Michelle is a Chippewa
from the Turtle Mountain Clan and invites you to
get a group of your favorite friends together for
an evening of joy and magic in your home.
Schedule a personal and private session. Or
come to a group circle at Nirvana. Now available:
Native American Spirituality
with Michelle Many
Group Sessions
Crystal Medicine Wheel:
Thirty-six piles of beautiful crystals make up this
prayer wheel that allows you to receive messages
from the Creator about which animals, plants,
minerals (crystals), colors walk with you down the
good red road of life and what they have to teach
you to make your walk easier and happier.

Vision Quest Circle:
Native American Guided Imagery Vision Quests
include, Spirit Horse Quest, Journey to the
Sacred Bear Paw Mountains, Animal Medicine
Journey, Chinimaya - The Goddess of the Lake
and Uti Hiata - The Corn Maiden. These are
guided imagery journeys to help us heal at the
subconscious level through Native American

Animal Healing Circle:
In this circle we learn about the lessons that the
animals have to teach us. We meet our animal
guides and receive messages from them regarding
how we can heal our lives in a sacred manner.

Drum Journey Circle:
Bring your drums, rattles, bells, rainsticks, flutes
and other native instruments, invite your favorite
group of friends to experience an authentic drum
journey ceremony.

Storytelling Circle:
Hear Native American Stories and Legends told
in the comfort of your own home, to your favorite
group. Include the children in this one. Light the
fireplace & serve up some hot cocoa & let Michelle
bend your ear with tales from Native America.
Sacred Chimney Rock in
Southern Colorado
Michelle say's this place is,
The Sphinx
The Ancient of Days
The Star Gate
The Giant Tuning Forks
The Native American Temple
Earth's Crystal Portal
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Chimney Rock Lessons
Personal Sessions
Native American Healing:
Sage, drums, rattles, crystals, animal pelts,
vision work and possibly even pipe work may be
utilized in this form of healing.

Vision Quest Drum Journey:
Journey with the drum and travel to the four
directions. Let the vibrations balance you in this
serene journey of the heart beat of Mother

Spirit World Journeys:
Journey to the land of our relatives and
ancestors who have passed from this world and
receive messages from the other side of the veil.

Crystal Healing:
Clear your energy field and chakric centers
through the vibrational powers of the stones of
the earth. Crystal layouts are personalized to
your healing needs and are done directly on the
body with clothes on. Acutonic tuning forks may
be applied to the crystals for an extra boost.

Past Life Journey:
This journey takes you into the realm of your
past lives and helps you to sort out lessons that
may be left over and perhaps unresolved and get
the learnings that are necessary to heal.

Medicine Card Readings:
This reading is done with David Carson's
Medicine Cards and allows you to look at the
directions that you are moving in and what
lessons you may be currently learning.
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Children's Medicine Wheel
Jacksonville Mine
near Boulder, CO
August 2010